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Johanson assessed it as female based on the one complete pelvic bone and sacrum, which indicated the width of the pelvic opening.weighed 29 kg (64 lb), and (after reconstruction) looked somewhat like a chimpanzee.Lucy the pre-human hominid and fossil hominin, captured much public notice; she became almost a household name at the time.Some nine years later, and now assembled altogether, she was returned to Ethiopia. afarensis were made during the 1970s and forward, gaining for anthropologists a better understanding of the ranges of morphic variability and sexual dimorphism within the species.They noticed part of a femur (thigh bone) a few feet (about one meter) away.

"Lucy" acquired her name from the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by The Beatles, which was played loudly and repeatedly in the expedition camp all evening after the excavation team's first day of work on the recovery site.These were: Donald Johanson, an American paleoanthropologist and curator at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, who later founded the Institute of Human Origins, now part of Arizona State University; Mary Leakey, the noted British paleoanthropologist; and Yves Coppens, a French paleoanthropologist now based at the Collège de France which is considered to be France's most prestigious research establishment.An expedition was soon mounted with four American and seven French participants; in the autumn of 1973 the team began surveying sites around Hadar for signs related to the origin of humans.After public announcement of the discovery, Lucy captured much public interest, becoming a household name at the time.Lucy became famous worldwide, and the story of her discovery and reconstruction was published in a book by Johanson.

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