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They were constantly dressing me up in dresses and heels.We were running through a couple of songs in rehearsals, and I was doing them like I would as a rock guy from my band.We just had a show away with my band, and Broadway has kind of toughened me up a little bit.Eight shows a week—it's a grueling schedule, and it's kind of built up stamina for me.The first day after my first show I woke up covered in bruises.My muscles were so sore and I was out of breath from just waking up. Walker: We played some pretty big places for only having one record out, and more than anything we wanted to make things as visually entertaining as possible. Walker: I slept with Ryan in a twin bed less than two months ago!

I was so terrified to jump into this world, to be honest, a world I was so unfamiliar with, as an outsider looking in.

Thanks to a little eavesdropping, I discerned that my neighbors were regular theater-goers who were particularly excited to see the stage production of one of their favorite movies. At the Disco t-shirts were a dead giveaway; they later told me it was their first ever Broadway show.

Watching the reactions of both pairs was pretty special; it felt like two worlds colliding.

Out: The video for Build God, Then We'll Talk was one of the most awesomely perverse things I've ever seen. Smith: I don't even think it could get played on MTV, so it ended up just an internet release. Walker: It's not as sexual in the sense that there's no mime having mimed sex with a decently hot girl. It seems that a lot of things get thrown into that type of view if it's not the most masculine thing.

But You Tube's bigger than anything in the world anyway. Am I going to love the new one for "Nine in the Afternoon" as much? Smith: It's definitely the most interactive video that we've ever been in. We just don't like going on stage with skull bandanas and ripped jeans and cut-off t-shirts showing off our muscles.

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And that's the particular draw of Urie, who plays Charlie Price, the reluctant heir to a shoe factory, and his unquestionable star power.

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  1. “[But] they’re not a great way to go deep or get to know the person’s personality.” Chris Donahue, a 28-year-old writer from Brooklyn, believes men should still foot the bill, at least on the first date.