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Yes, there are 'rules' and algorithms - but there's also a lot of fun to be had.Experienced daters guide you through the process, from profiles to puckering up First things first: where to look There are lots of online dating sites, and they all have different personalities.But do put photos up: profiles with photos get a lot more interest.And put up a few: dressed up, dressed down, indoors, outdoors, formal, relaxed. You don't have to be amazing looking to present well: have a nice photo taken, wear fashionable clothes etc.There can also be a crossover between men who are happy to make lots of first contacts, and men who are playing the field very hard indeed.

"Online dating is just a way to meet people, it's not Ocado." If they've put any thought into their profile, you should be able to get a feel for what they're like from there.' are perfectly valid, but have a horrible knack of attracting responses from exactly the sort of people you're hoping to avoid.The responsibility for knocking back chancers is on you; putting this stuff in your profile won't ward them off, and can make you sound a bit glum or grouchy to everyone else.Think down the line though: if you really like someone, at what point are you going to come clean - and how will they feel about having been lied to?Your kids are a massive part of your life, so it can feel weird to not mention them.

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