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Not getting frazzled so quickly by things that go wrong, and being able to admit wrongdoing to you or to others reveals a man who is both respectful to others and towards God.4) Make sure he is absolutely against the idea of Muslims marrying 4 wives, even if he is a Muslim.Does he tend to get jealous if you speak to or have male friends, or does he get frazzled if you speak nicely and give friendly attention to other men around him?If an Egyptian man truly loves you he won’t get frazzled by this to the point of control.

The truth always seeps through sooner or later even if via the smallest discreet ways. I am just saying it will increase your odds if his work has nothing to do with tourism.If he is, that is a sign that he can understand how to properly love and care for a woman because his awareness can understand loyalty and devotion.It doesn’t matter what is allowed by religious laws or cultural acceptance.3) Monitor carefully if he is able to admit errors without a ritual dance of denial.And can he apologize quickly without the denial dance.

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But if something goes wrong they too often get frazzled.

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  1. You may find it difficult to notice this, but once you see her eyes become wider and bigger, that means the chemistry between you two has a capital C. If she finds excuses to initiate a conversation with you, it’s on.