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The entertainment industry will not utilise the best talent in the country if people keep sticking to the “same old, same old”, the head of Women in Film and Television (UK) has warned.

Kate Kinninmont, chief executive of the organisation, says there is still a “golden circle” of people who are hired for jobs in film and television and that more often than not they are men.

She continued: “People talk the talk but they are not actually employing the women to make films.

“I think it’s a culture thing and because people also see film as a high-risk industry, they go after the same people all the time.

Rumour has it that they were drug dealers until the scientist cooking up their LSD gave them a tainted batch that drove them mad.

Red goes after the bikers and is promptly captured.

He works as a logger while she minds a store and spends her spare time painting very-'80s fantasy images of the sort they used to sell in .

But on the other hand, the gang seem to be summoned from nowhere by the Horn of Abraxas (a name with magical and demonic associations), and they take payment in human blood – pretty much par for the course where summoning demons is concerned.

And that final point is really the takeaway from as a whole.

You can inject as much magic and/or psychological trauma into the analysis as you like – though in our book it doesn't get much more magical than Nic Cage wielding a silver axe against the monsters who've wronged him.

She dated actor Zach Braff, who she broke up with in June 2006.

is a film like no other – a prog-rock album that has been brought to life and sent on a wild killing spree with a shiny silver axe.

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