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I think Chelsea started following aaryn around this time, they were pregnant around the same time and aaryn used some girl on Instagram for diet plans and Chelsea was so impressed that she contacted the same girl to lose her baby weight.

I'm not sure if Chelsea knew who aaryn was initially since her You Tube channel is fairly popular, but it really disgusts me how much ass kissing I see of her on twitter.

Standing by a racist is just as bad as being racist though, makes you an enabler to the problem. Idk if y’all watched he same show or not but I have a feeling she couldn’t define racism if her life depended on it.

All Aaryn Gries is to Chelsea is a pretty girl to emulate. Look at Adam and not one, but TWO sexual predators she hangs around.

After it was applicable that Teen Mom Draw Portwood concerned a fond sex offender, it is only a result.

Cole seems like a happy, positive, and nice guy and I really hope he isn’t a small town closed minded bigot.

When he told me his side of the story about his conviction I believed him because I know a lot of people are wrongly convicted of all kinds of crimes.

the list goes on) once she was kicked out of the house she was fired from her modeling company and ended up leaving college (she attended college at Texas state in San Marcos).

She flew under the radar for a couple years, then started a "mommy vlogging" channel once she became pregnant, she's also a narcissist with a shopping addiction.

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After the show aired on MTV, the police began an investigation into incidents.

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