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Also, you can create your own challenge cards, add in specific details to your challenge cards and put your guest’s names on the name tags.

Here are a few ways our readers have used this Amazing Race Game in the past: The host guide will keep you on track and ensure that you don’t lose your way!

The teams then head out to complete their challenges as quickly as possible.

The challenge cards provide all of the information they will need to know to complete the tasks.

You may just want to play the game as is, but you could also turn it into a full-on themed party with all of the details.

Colin lived up to his self-description of being "possibly the most intense person that's ever run this race", becoming infamous both for dominating most of the race with his shrewd understanding of the game and his merciless gameplay, as well as his short temper, leading to his near arrest in Tanzania and his famous "My ox is broken! Christie, on the other hand, was often regarded as a big load to carry, having only done one Roadblock and often irritated Colin with her constant nagging.This Amazing Race Game has been one of our most popular activity ideas and as a result, we now have added a new and exciting customizable feature that allows you to personalize the game experience to your specific occasion.With our unique editable printables, you can actually type your own information directly on many of the printables.The Dating Divas have prepared everything for you to host an awesome date for your friends.Since we all have children, we will also have their kids come and play with ours as we host the event.

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