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I often forget to celebrate those and I burn myself out or I try too much at once. And by resist I mean cry, beg, whine, argue, use logic, and beg more. If I start to feel anxious or worried it’s because I haven’t been working hard to increase the options in my life. And she told me, “I have a new restaurant concept.” She keeps going. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a break and enjoy what you have. It’s only by celebrating the small successes that you rejuvenate the energy to have the bigger ones. If a woman wants to leave me, how many months, years, agonizing seconds have I tried to resist. If a job wasn’t good for me, how often did I try to make it work even though it was hopeless and I should have been trying to find something else. I wanted to say that the key to getting control in my life is to surrender to what I can’t control. But I know now what’s the equivalent of surrender in real life: Every day work to increase the options you have in life.

With everything you do, no matter who you are, humility is not a strategy for being a good person – humility is a strategy for seeing the subtleties in everything, the missing pieces that everyone else skips because they think they are entitled. I’ve often been bogged down by the mythology of life. Since when did all the men become professional chefs? “I had to play to my strengths,” she said, “and not deny the reality”. You have this great Wall Street job but’re interested in cooking and you can’t decide which way to go? Get more savings (cut back, take time, sell things, whatever it takes). Then she kept going to networking events to find someone who could help her land a TV show. He’s attracted to her, he likes hanging out with her, and he thinks she’s great …there’s just something missing (and it could be a number of things) and it’s holding him back from committing.

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