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This mostly occurs when the plant is an accelerated growth period (late spring, early summer).Feeding can cause abnormalities like leaf curling, blisters, rusts, slivering, fruit russeting, and deformed buds, finger-like galls, and pocket pocket galls. Gall mites cause ash flower gall, maple bladder gall, spindle galls on maple and linden, velvet galls on maple, along with many other plants. Since gall mites cause no real harm to the plants they feed on, treatment is generally not recommended.Results found that soybean gall midge was present in 66 counties across the four states (Figure 1).This multistate map was the result of a collaboration with Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University Extension entomologist; Adam Varenhorst, South Dakota State University Extension field crops entomologist; Bruce Potter, University of Minnesota integrated pest management specialist; and UNL entomologists.A portion of the fields surveyed had significant levels of damage with a high frequency of dead plants at the field edge with decreasing damage from the edge into the center of the field (Figure 2).

Little to no information is available on soybean gall midge.

Pesticides formulated for mites can be used if absolutely necessary.

Spraying plants at the period when buds begin to break open is a good time to spray.

Raymond and Junichi were able to connect these adults (Figure 4) to the maggots that we had been observing in soybean fields.

The identification of the adults will be critical for monitoring their emergence next spring in fields where there was a problem the previous year.

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