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As indicated in the Hebrew newspaper Ha Melitz dating back to the years 18, the list of contributors for the settlement of Eretz Yisrael included the names of 61 Vidukle Jews (see Appendix 1). During World War I, the Russian military set May 5, 1915 as the date for the exile of Vidukle Jews to inner Russia, but the Germans occupied the town a week before, consequently permitting the Vidukle Jews to stay.After the war, in 1918, an independent Lithuanian state was established.Jewish children acquired their elementary education at the Hebrew Tarbuth School, and some of the boys attended the Heder.Some graduates continued their studies at the Kelm or Telz yeshivoth.The Vidukle railway station is three kilometers away from the town.Vidukle was first mentioned in historical documents dating back to the fifteenth century where it was referred to as a settlement belonging to the Catholic bishops of Zemaitija.

They immediately began to mistreat Jews, bread was rationed, and although baked by Jewish bakers, it was given to Jews only if there was some bread left over; Jews were forced into labor, were mistreated and beaten; two Germans would come by cart from the near town of Nemoksht and would together with local Lithuanians enter Jewish homes, evict the residents and loot the property; every Jews was forced to sow on a yellow Magen David on his outer garments.

Jews made their living in shop keeping, crafts and agriculture, mainly on leased terrains.

In 1879 a new Beth Midrash replaced the ruins of the old one.

About fifteen Jewish men and women, suspected being Communists were detained and transferred to jail in Rasein.

The women were released later, but the men were never seen again.

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