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Mount Abu hosts a summer festival as well that is full of fun activities like boat races, firework displays, and music events.

The quaint and calm peaceful place in India offers the best of Rajasthan.

Some apartment buildings (though not many) share offices and living space, though most are uniquely dwellings. An awful lot of the questions you ask will fundamentally depend on how much money you can spend. Do schools in Peru generally follow the same calendar? Do schools in Peru generally follow the same calendar?(Moving as a teen is difficult and I'd like to make this as easy on the children as possible.)What does this mean for our daughter who will be a senior, last year of high school before college? Is it possible (zoning laws) to "live above the store? A factor is whether or not they will do post-secondary studies here." Meaning, we'd like to live above my husband's office to avoid driving. Another issue: You will need to decide between mixed or single gender schools, and whether or not you are comfortable with a parochial education.PC: Wikimedia Commons Shimla is quite a modern city with historic importance. The snowy peaks and snow carpeted streets are a real treat to especially Indians as there are hardly any places in India that see snow.The city is a lovely place to live in, as it has a piece of almost everything to enjoy.

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This is the reason we have added Dehradun as the first peaceful city to live in India in our list.

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